Application Modernization

Close analysis of applications can reveal multiple opportunities to modernize existing app landscape

Application Modernization

With Application Modernization services, we can accelerate your digital transformation journey to reduce time-to-market and the cost of application development. Our offering uses a collection of cloud-native tools, standardized templates, repeatable processes, and proven best practices that make it easier for you to modernize a single application or an entire portfolio. We focus on four core areas with our Application Modernization solution:

  • Cloud-native application hosting: Serverless, containers and bot services
  • Cloud-native transactional data platforms: Azure SQL Database, CosmosDB, Redis and Blockchain
  • Cloud-native monitoring: Azure Application Insights and Microsoft Operations Management Suite
  • Modern Development Practices: Using VSTS to perform build and release management and VSTS Test Other skills include IoT enablement and application socialization (sign in from social networks). Overarching the offering is our vast experience with Microsoft Azure, and we will show you the flexibility and speed of Azure with one of our rapid deployments.

Complimentary Cloud Fitment Assessment

Experience our complimentary adivsory services to assess your IT Applications and Infrastructure for Cloud Fitment and to develop recommendations and roadmap (upto 80 hours)

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