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Banking and Finance

Designing and delivering industry focused cloud solutions

Banking and Finance

Convergence of online and mobile platforms, BigData analytics, security and governance, and branchless banking are most common trends across banking and financial industry. Some of the key drivers for Cloud adoption in this industry are:

Cost Flexibility and Optimization – Shift from fixed to variable cost and pay as and when needed. Currently, with the banks reducing profit margin, cost optimization cloud pay per use model can help achieve operational efficiencies.

Market adaptability – faster time to market banking products and services. Because of its expanded computing power and capacity, a cloud can store information about user preferences, which can enable the bank to provide product or service customization

Business Scalability – Provides limitless, cost-effective computing capacity to support customer data and real time demands of today’s trading and analytics processes

Ecosystem connectivity – New Value nets and potential new businesses by expanding product offerings via collaboration with other third party service providers

Rising Customer expectations – cloud environment to create marketing campaigns to deliver personalized product offers to customers across multiple channels in real-time

Integrated Solutions – platform enabling banks to makes their environment fast and agile that runs in the cloud and helps in faster customer acquisition.

Cloud Technology acting as a impetus for adoption of next generation technology – Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies like Data Science, Internet of Things (IoT), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Open Platforms and API’s, Natural Language Programming (NLP) and Blockchain that will drive structural change in the way financial services operate