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Tech-Talk # 2: Anthos Application Modernization with Google Cloud

Logicbulls Tech-Talk # 2: Anthos Application Modernization with Google Cloud At LogicBulls, we know that enterprises need consistent ways to develop, secure, and manage apps at scale across their growing hybrid and multi-cloud environments―and that managing these environments is incredibly challenging and complex. Anthos addresses these challenges by introducing an […]

Application modernization – Anthos Tech Talk event deck | Technical | Anthos | Y20

Anthos is changing the way the enterprises adopt cloud, and we conducted a webinar on October 18, 2019 – Application Modernization with Logicbulls. Download this presentation to learn how Anthos can help businesses manage applications in today’s hybrid and multi-cloud world. Anthos gives you the power to build once to […]

Are you the right CIO match for your Enterprise?

Average tenure of CIOs range from 2.5 years to 4.5 years, and this range exist across Industries. CIOs were fired or removed due to their inabilities to meet enterprise needs. I noticed while working with many of them (Technology, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Information, Entertainment, and Media industries), that most of […]