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Cloud Business Case

ROI based on true cost of cloud adoption may change your cloud strategy

Cloud Business Case

Cloud costing is challenging and can be complicated for most enterprises. It can be difficult to compare your current cost and future cloud costs because providers offer different pricing models, unique discounting options, capex vs. opex priorities, frequent price cuts, and promises to match prices.

Logicbulls Cloud Financial SMEs can sort through the noise and provide a reality check on overall cloud business case and recommend what is right for you, which providers have the lowest-cost compute, depreciation, storage options etc.

Cloud Financial Business Case

Leading enterprises who reap the value of Cloud evaluated “true” business case for Cloud Adoption before they started. And, this happens when analysis includes right elements in the business case. At Logicbulls, we follow CFO approach to run a financial business case for Cloud Adoption and consider the analysis of:

  • Existing investments (i.e. datacenter, assets, public, private cloud options)
  • Assets depreciation
  • Existing operating model (people, tools/technology investments, licenses)
  • Existing vendor contracts, penalties, termination clauses
  • Investment timelines
  • TCO / financial business case (per application/move-group/workload) for financial viability (ROI discussion)


This will help you answer key questions for your enterprise-wide Cloud Fitment or Adoption Journey:

  • – Public vs. Private Cloud
  • Workloads/application candidates for Cloud
  • Azure? AWS? or GCP? or others?
  • IaaS/PaaS/SaaS?
  • One time and Run time year on year costs
  • Cost savings
  • And what should be time timing of investment for transformation program