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Cloud Fitment Analysis

Discover. Prioritize. Plan.

With limited amount of time and investment, identifying and assessing the applications/workloads is the prime step to achieve key objectives for Cloud adoption. At Logicbulls, that’s where we start. Our Cloud Fitment analysis enabling enterprises with discovering assets, establishing mapping with workloads, assessing cloud fitment, and defining migration plan.

Cloud Fitment Analysis

Our 5 step Cloud Fitment analysis offering includes asset discovery, application dependency mapping, cloud suitability, financial business case and migration roadmap.

  • Assessing and validating the objectives for Cloud adoption
  • Mapping cloud adoption objectives with Cloud Fitment Analysis (CFA) framework
  • Conducting cloud fitment analysis
  • Financial Business Case
  • Implement Cloud Foundation and Gertie migration


Assess and validate cloud objectives for enterprise cloud adoption (i.e. cost optimization, agility, scalability, unstable application or infrastructure operations, or reducing complexity)

  • Identify the key stakeholders for Cloud Adoption Journey
  • Capture Cloud Adoption Objectives (Public vs. Private)
  • Define success factors for Cloud Adoption
  • Document Cloud adoption objectives, guiding principles, and risks
  • And more…

Business Objective Mapping

Our framework helps assess and identify the right treatment model for your applications and compute requirements. Additionally, our teams will customize cloud fitment framework to evaluate the value of cloud aligned with enterprise cloud adoption objectives.

Discover and Analyze

Our unique approach to conduct cloud fitment analysis helps enterprise focus on workloads/application migrations which contribute to meeting their cloud adoption objectives. The analysis journey starts with discovering CIs, applications, and their mapping with infrastructure (if required or not available already), and then assessing applications/workload for cloud fitment (i.e. Platform, code, OS, DB, versions, virtual machine size, etc.).

Financial Business Case

Leading enterprises who leveraged the value of Cloud evaluated “true” business case for Cloud Adoption before they started. And, this happens when analysis includes right elements in the business case. At Logicbulls, we follow CFO approach to run a financial business case for Cloud Adoption and consider analysis of:

  • Existing investments (i.e. datacenter, assets, public, private cloud options)
  • Assets depreciation
  • Existing operating model (people, tools/technology investments, licenses)
  • Existing vendor contracts, penalties, termination clauses
  • Investment timelines
  • TCO / financial business case (per application/move-group/workload) for financial viability (ROI discussion)

Implement, Learn and Repeat

Design and build Cloud foundation for application migration readiness. We demonstrate the migration journey by migrating first application/workload (minimum viable product) to the Cloud. Post Gertie migration, we help you determine the best tools to migrate your applications and data to the cloud securely.

  • Design and Build Cloud Foundation
  • Identify the Gertie workload/application (MVP)
  • Plan and implement Gertie
  • Document best practices/learnings after pilot migration
  • Post Gertie migration, plan for factory migration setup