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Cloud Migration

Rehost. Replatform. Refactor. Recode.

Not the only options for cloud migration, anymore

Cloud Adoption

Align your technology leadership around a unanimous charter and establish an organization-wide action plan with our Cloud Adoption Workshop, a full day event that brings together our best cloud architects with your team for a facilitated discussion. Logicworks is an approved AWS Cloud Adoption Framework Delivery Partner.

  •  Unite stakeholders around common goals
  •  Identify key pain points and potential gaps in people, technology, and process
  • Create a high-level action plan for cloud adoption

Migration Planning

Cloud migrations can take many different forms, from carefully rearchitecting applications to take advantage of next-generation platforms to using a “lift-and-shift” tool to automatically copy servers in bulk. Logicworks will advise your team of available options and execute a migration strategy that optimizes effort and investment based on the desired end state.

  • Select and utilize the latest migration tools
  •  Migrate quickly and securely to the public cloud
  •  Prioritize and project manage backlog for migration

Key aspects of migration planning include considerations around:

  • Migration workgroup planning
  • Target Deployment Environment Compatibility and design (Landing Zone)
  • Security and Compliance planning
  • Scalability and Availability plan
  • Data Migration planning
  • Production Cutover planning

Foundation Design and Build

Our team will perform the setup and configuration necessary to connect to single or multiple clouds, create foundational cloud elements (i.e. network, security, backup, restore, etc.)

  • Cloud connectivity- Using your legacy systems, as well as the latest, most effective interconnection solutions to the cloud, you can access the leading global and regional cloud service providers to create hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. For example, a long-line connection to AWS via AWS Direct Connect on Platform Equinix™, as shown in the diagram below, can help you move cloud-ready applications and workloads directly to AWS on a secure, high-performance connection.
  • Cloud foundational elements- Network, system, storage, IaaS and PaaS component configuration for your entire cloud infrastructure provides a solid, flexible base from which to grow as your business and technical requirements change.
  • Cloud security- A setup of the initial security phases ensures every aspect of your operations is taken into account. The security setup typically includes creating cloud security groups, determining access control lists (ACLs) and developing isolation protocols, in addition to establishing preliminary guidelines to manage identity and access.
  • Cloud training- The most efficient and effective cloud training plan for meeting the needs of your organization accelerates your learning curve and start-up time for cloud migration.

Gertie Implementation

In this phase of adoption, our engineers build out your AWS resources, networks, and tools and hand over a fully-configured Minimum Viable Cloud that is ready for your applications. Then we help you determine the best AWS or 3rd party tools to migrate your applications and data to the cloud securely.

  • Get a custom-built cloud environment without having to hire an additional team
  • Build a template for the Minimum Viable Cloud (AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager) in order to easily repeat entire system
  • Improve the security, reliability, and consistency of your system

Migration - Lift and Shift (rehost)

The realization of lift and shift migration goals depends upon how much detailed planning, feasibility study and impact analysis have been performed. When speed is of the essence, taking the lift-and-shift road can minimize your downtime. Situations best suited to transfer as-is from the data center to the cloud are when consolidating or shutting down data centers, preparing for or reacting to a merger or acquisition, and relocating your disaster-recovery or high-availability operations.
Migration – PaaS or containerization
Migration – Refactor and Replatform