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Cloud Native

Let us enable you to harness value of applications designed specifically for cloud computing architecture

Cloud Native

We deploy ServerlessContainers (Docker & RKT), CloudFoundry by leveraging platforms like CloudFormationKubernetesAnsible, and Puppet.

To deliver advantages of Cloud native benefits, we analyze applications closely for its coupling with physical infrastructure. Also, the applications should be segregated into services and tiers, and each one of them should be developed & run independently.

Our experience characterize Cloud-Native Applications as:

  • Multiple Services – Each application can further be broken down into services called Microservices. These services co-operate with each other although it appears to the end customer that they are accessing a single application.
  • Elasticity – The application and all its services should scale in-out & up-down in case the demand increases. This dynamically managed services ensure efficient usage of resources.
  • Resiliency – Services are resilient if they can survive outages and failures and remain online. Also, they can make good use of the automated failover and Disaster recovery mechanisms available in Cloud.
  • Composability– Each service is designed in a way that it can be consumed by other applications. This is generally done through APIs which have well defined behaviors.