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Cost Optimization

Make more meaningful cloud decisions based on precise, accurate True Cost of your cloud. Get the insights to optimize the future of your cloud

Cost Optimization

Our SMEs take to review the cloud costs history to uncover savings and improve Return-on-Investment. Our engineers have performed analysis of various cost leverst to optimize cloud costs:

  • Removing unused instances (i.e. Production, Dev, QA)
  • Right-sizing by evaluating peak and average usage of the computer resources
  • Review spending and monitor cloud billing by team, project, or by department
  • Automate scaling (and configuring alerts)
  • Fine-tune usage to get the highest performance per dollar
  • Review purchase options (i.e. discounts, on-demand, RI)
  • Distinguish permanent compute needs vs temporary
  • Leverage multiple cloud for workloads
  • And other enterprise-specific levers

Enterprises can save 30% of cloud costs if optimized correctly.