Designing and delivering industry focused cloud solutions

Changing delivery models, wearables, mhealth applications, analytics are some of the key trends in healthcare for Cloud adoption.

  • Connected Healthcare – Connected healthcare is a model for healthcare delivery that uses technology to provide healthcare seamlessly across multiple providers.
  • Big Data Analytics – Cloud-based big data solutions like genomic research can be securely shared among authorized health care industry organizations to provide access to potentially life-saving information and accelerate research and development. Big data analytics on cloud platform can also enable scientist to reduce the overall time it takes to test medicines and product.
  • Telemedicine – Telemedicine technology offers much promise for patients by bringing highly specialized and preventative medical advice to rural areas. Cloud computing provides the connectivity channels required to support telemedicine. Additionally, for HIPPA compliance it is possible to handle the necessary recording and long-term storage via the cloud in a centralized way for geographically diverse organizations.
  • IoT Enabled Healthcare – With plethora of new consumer devices and application specific home health monitoring devices able to provide near-real time data, IoT enabled healthcare is becoming more and more prominant. Cloud systems can make it straight forward to handle the connectivity requirements of IoT devices, from registration to support of IoT communication protocols and the management of device data.
  • Diagnostic Support Cloud-based systems are gaining cognitive features, based on learning from the very large datasets of medical data available. These features enable clinicians to keep abreast of the latest research and most up-to-date information from colleagues around the world
  • Security and Compliance – Maintaining high level data security of patients record and billing data using data encryption. Using private cloud to store research data of scientist to reduce the time to market medicines.


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