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Unlocking Cloud Support Operating Model

What is LeanOps

LeanOps is an AI and the ML-based end to end infrastructure and application management service. It provides enterprises to efficiently monitor, manage, and control hybrid IT infrastructure and applications with the flexibility of “Pay-as-you-Go”. LeanOps enables enterprises to meet and exceed SLAs for service request by easier and quicker provisioning, and reduce mean time to resolution by having an end to end visibility of resources running your business-critical workloads.

Key Features

Get round-the-clock monitoring and incident response from a team of certified  support team (ITIL, GCP, AWS and Azure).

Get integrated billingticketingsecurity and budget management in one easy-to-use unique platform : LeanOps

We help you configure and maintain a suite of Cloud security tools, conduct regular reviews, and prepare for compliance audits.

Only pay for what your business requires enterprise IT to support. Plus, get additional volume discount.

Included flexible and broad services scope (i.e., backup, restore, patching) helps you focus on what you need to.

Simplified cost models (based on resource unit type costs) which helps you to estimate the monthly and annual costs upfront.

Per hour billing so that you pay only for the resources which you like to run and get support.

Scaling DR in the cloud to recover critical business services during crisis situation to minimize the impact.