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Life Sciences

Designing and delivering industry focused cloud solutions

Life Sciences

Irrespective of your current stage of Cloud Adoption, Logicbulls works with companies at all stages to meet regulatory compliance across various business functions (i.e. clinical, ECM, EQM, Lab). Our technology experts can work to assess your organization’s current IT solutions, identify improvement opportunities, and provide a Cloud Adoption Strategy and roadmap to compliance. (including 21 CFR Part 11, 210, 211, 820, Annex 11, GAMP, CGMP and HIPAA).

Logcibulls Life Sciences Industry SME will help you achieve the performance, flexibility, security, cost savings, and compliance that cloud computing can now provide

For life science companies, migrating workloads to the Cloud is much more than a performance, elasticity or data storage decision. The governance, risk and compliance is critical component for Life science organizations to adhere to be compliant with government regulations worldwide, including HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11. Logicbulls Life Sciences Cloud SME specializes in providing compliant cloud solutions architected specifically for the life science industry and validation services for cloud applications.

Cloud systems are based on a standard set of system configuration, pushed out to all customers. This standard baseline and the regularly scheduled system updates can be swiftly and painlessly validated utilizing the Cloud Validation Collaterals (CVC). Clients build upon the standard system baseline to enhance the system to fit their specific cloud adoption and compliance needs. Depending on their intended use and inherent risk, these enhancements may be subject to additional validation activities to ensure continued adherence to applicable regulations.

Logicbulls Cloud SME can help you determine the associated risks, create the required suite of documentation, verify that the system meets all requirements and deliver a validated solution including all associated system governance and processes (such as Change Control & System Maintenance).

Our Life Sciences Industry Clients leverages our key offerings as below:

  • Technology and compliance roadmap development
  • Cloud Adoption (Migration Planning, Implementation)
  • Architecting cloud solutions meeting compliance specific needs
  • IT Administration and Support for Regulated and Non-Regulated systems
  • Validation (both risk and cost reduction objectives, helping you reach your compliance and budgetary goals)