Media and Entertainment

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Media and Entertainment

Digital Transformation, Virtual Reality, Content sharing, Streaming, higher computing requirements, and subscription based models are driving the need of Cloud adoption. Media and entertainment industry is leveraging cloud capabilities across TV & Radio, Movie, Games and Publishers.

  • Faster time to market – Cloud computing represents many opportunities for media companies to improve their competitive advantage by getting content to muti-channel, three screen (or even four screen) markets faster than ever before while potentially reducing cost. Real time user data analytics to provide videos they demand.
  • Scale elasticity to meet peak hour demand – Cloud and IoT have enabled real-time content and metadata sharing. The on-demand nature of massively scalable clouds has enabled media companies to provide more video on demand (VOD) which has increased sales by increasing exposure to content.
  • Content archival – Content that is available “forever” as deep catalog or digital inventory that has the potential able to produce a revenue stream over the Long Tail or for years to come
  • Content Delivery – Cloud enables content to be delivered anywhere at any point of time
  • Analytics – Reduce IT costs and infrastructure complexities, while reducing the time to glean actionable insight into customers and content from streaming, batch and historical data
  • Optimizing Technology investments – Cloud has enabled media companies to shift from capital investment to an operating expense model while reducing IT operating and capital cost
  • Opportunities to integrate the entire supply chain – Digital cinema end-to-end workflow support using cloud and centralized ad insertion, securing the production through post-production workflow with Key Delivery Message (KDM) management for dailies and distribution to theatres.
  • SECURITY – Protect assets using encrypted communications (authentication, authorization) and the encryption of content

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